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  • Gilroy Rodeo 2023
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    Gilroy Rodeo 2023 Galleries will be added within a few days of each event. All pictures are $20, and this includes a hi-res download that you can print and share on PERSONAL social media. No brand use is available. If you have trouble ordering, please let me know as these will be available for a limited time only.Gilroy Rodeo 2023
  • Taylor 2023
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    Taylor Fourth Rodeo 2023 (These are everything I have) Pictures are in order of runs, search will not work. ***These will only be available until July 31st*** $20 each. period. end of story. Full Resolution files, suitable for printing/canvas/metal etc You are allowed to print for personal use (you can’t make autograph sheets, LOL) Will contain the SMALL watermark You are allowed to post it on your own social media forever It can even be your phone background if you don’t happen have a cat. Why don't you have a cat? Matt, this is a screaming deal to get pictures from you, what’s the catch? I’m really glad you asked, usually people don’t. You can’t do anything else with the pictures ever. Zero brand use, zero media use, zero sponsor packet use, zero advertising use, zero business use. Nothing that isn’t listed above ever. If you know me, you know why this is all important. If you don’t, pretend you’re buying pictures from an alien, it will be as close to the truth as anything else. If this doesn’t work for you, no problem, just leave the pictures alone and say “I don’t believe in them aliens!”