2013 Reno Rodeo - Xtreme Bulls

Most of the top 40 bull riders (including four world champions) and a serious pen of bulls made their way to Reno for the 2013 Xtreme Bulls night at the Reno Rodeo. Once again it was retro night, and some of the riders and others dressed up: Reno Rosser & Meeko Moreno

Pickup men Jeff Shearer and Bobby Marriott

Bull rider Travis Atkinson

The world's smallest and most interesting bullfighter was on hand to chase bulls out of the arena:

Juan Carlos

I'm pretty sure only a former world champion bull rider can get away with wearing flip-flops to a rodeo, and then get interviewed for TV:

Shane Proctor gets interviewed in his flip flops

The great bull Bring It had his last ever out in Reno, he'll be retired to stud. It was an emotional moment for his owner Cindy Rosser who watched Bring It carry Tyler Willis into the short go. After the ride, Bring It dug in the dirt as everyone cheered. Couldn't have scripted it any better.

Announcer Bob Tallman interviews stock contractor Cindy Rosser just before Bring It's last out.

Bull rider Tyler Willis of Wheatland, WY rides Bring It

Bring It shows off after his last-ever out.

Lots of great rides, and some crazy buckoffs:

Bull rider Cheyne Olney of Toppenish, WA rides Black Eye

Bull rider Shane Proctor of Grand Coulee, WA rides Big Jake

Bull rider Tyler Smith of Fruita, CO rides Super Bull

Bull rider Chandler Bownds of Lubbock, TX rides Quickstop

Bull rider Brett Stall of Detroit Lakes, MN rides Speed Bump

Bull rider Friday Wright II of Moss Point, MS rides Fudge

Bull rider Corey Maier of Timber Lake, SD rides Wolf Hound

Bull rider Seth Glause of Rock Springs, WY rides Wildly Legit

Bull rider Cole Echols of Elm Grove, LA rides Just My Size

Bull rider J.W. Harris of Mullin, TX rides 802

Bullfighter Tim O'Connor of Springville, CA takes a shot from Wildly Legit

Bull rider Trey Benton III of Rock Island, TX gets bucked off Looks Like Me

Bull rider Ty Pozzobon of Merritt, B.C. gets bucked off Snugly

Bullfighter Donny Castle steps in to protect bull rider Ty Pozzobon of Merritt, B.C. who gets kicked by Snugly

Bull rider Brant Atwood of Pampa, TX gets bucked off Big Cool

Bull rider Kaycee Rose of Clovis, CA gets bucked off a re-ride bull

Bull rider Tyler Willis of Wheatland, WY rides Little Buddy in the short round

Bull rider Cody Teel of Kountze, TX rides Major Impact

Tyler smith won it with a 93 in the short go on Crystal Deal of Growney Brothers/Kish. I'd never seen a 93 point ride before, and it was really impressive:

Bull rider Tyler Smith of Fruita, CO rides Crystal Deal for 93 points and the win in the short round