2013 Clovis Rodeo - Roughstock

The performance side of the 2013 Clovis Rodeo started out with a PBR Touring Pro event on Thursday night. I haven't shot PBR events in quite some time because of a rights-grab waiver they used to make photographers sign. They don't seem to be doing that anymore, so I got my first chance to shoot guys like Valdiron and Ben Jones who also ride in the PBR Built Ford Tough series that runs on TV. 2013 Clovis Rodeo - Valdiron de Oliveira

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Ben Jones

I shot the first section of bulls from across the arena, trying to take advantage of the late evening sun:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Tim Myers

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Mitch Coleman

There was some comic relief:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - John Growney & Simao da Silva

One of the Brazilians, Simao da Silva, wanted to know about the bull he drew, 700 SFB of Kish's. Someone told him to ask John Growney. Simao speaks ZERO English. He asks John, and John launched into a story that Simao understood absolutely none of. I reminded John that he needed to show him what the bull did, and John (talking slower and much louder) kept saying "HE'S A LITTLE FLAT BUCKER." Surprisingly this didn't work at all, and one of the other Brazilians had to come over and translate. As Simao was walking away, John said "Don't worry, I'll learn your language." Who wants to teach John Growney Portuguese?

By the time Simao rode SFB, I had climbed up to the roof of the announcer's stand:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Simao da Silva

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Chase Outlaw

It was good to be able to shoot a PBR event after several years, but the combination of the lack of variety (just bull riding) and my lack of familiarity with most of the riders, made me thankful when the actual rodeo started.

The behind-the-chutes area at Clovis is great for pictures. Here's Steven Peebles invading my space while I was trying to make a picture of someone else. This one was way better than what I was trying to do:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Steven Peebles

In this picture I managed to make Jared Smith look tall via a very low angle:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Jared Smith

2011 PRCA bull riding champion Shane Proctor does in fact put his boots on one at a time:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Shane Proctor

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Sam Spreadborough

Trey Benton III flew in from another rodeo and didn't have enough time to dry his gear. Luckily there was a giant cooling fan behind the chutes and Trey took advantage:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Trey Benton III

It was 90+ (degrees, not points) for most of the week, and riders took to the shade as much as possible:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Keith Roquemore

I shot the roughstock action from all over the place, the corners, the stands, announcer's box roof and more:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Micky Downare

Cody Wright won the saddle bronc riding on Friendly Fire, a horse no stranger to winning at Clovis. Cody passed $2 million in career earnings with this ride, making it the second time in 2 seasons I've seen a rider do that after Bobby Mote did it in Red Bluff in 2011.

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Cody Wright

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Sterling Crawley

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Bobby Mote

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Ty Atchison

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Josi Young

I shot a section of saddle broncs from behind the cute, and came away with a couple of pictures:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Jacob Huserik

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Chad Burch

I shot the bull riding all three days from the announcer's box roof:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Tyler Smith

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Eric Layton

Hometown boy Kaycee Rose won the bull riding:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - Kaycee Rose

It's always good to see my man JJ Harrison clowning around:

2013 Clovis Rodeo - JJ Harrison

2013 Clovis Rodeo - JJ Harrison

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