2012 Red Bluff Round-Up

Red Bluff Round-Up week is something I look forward to all year. Early morning timed-event slack means great light, the Wild Ride makes for pictures unavailable anywhere else, the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world brings demand for the pictures, and a committee/staff who truly understand that better access leads to better pictures and better pictures lead to more coverage and a higher profile for the event. Take notes. This year, my girlfriend and I arrived on Tuesday for the media lunch at the Growney Brothers ranch and the opening reception of my rodeo photography gallery show at The Big Picture in downtown Red Bluff. We met a lot of great people I had previously known only on Facebook, and caught up with some old friends I only get to see once per year.

Early on Wednesday I got to work shooting timed event slack. The arena and pens at Red Bluff are really big, and allow for a lot of behind the scenes pictures.

Cody Collins

Russel Cardoza

And the 8am light is just beautiful:

Matt Shiozawa

JoeBob Pirie

Heather Heard

Lauren Crivier

Rylee McKenzie

Kelli Tolbert

Friday's performance starts at 7pm which means that there is very little daylight before the less-than-stellar arena lighting takes over. Some more behind-the-scenes pictures:

Blaine Davies

Rusty Allen

But just before sunset, I got these pictures of tie-down ropers in action:

Stran Smith

Cameron Elston

After nightfall, it's truly too dark to get quality action pictures, but there's plenty of light for this one:

Andrew Counts

With the night perf out of the way, light was abundant on Saturday and Sunday:

Bobby Mote

Cody Rostockyj

For the first time since Salinas last year, I got to break out my fisheye on a pole to get my camera into the arena even as I am not allowed in:

Brady Nicholes

Ad Bugenig

Rusty Allen

Some longer roughstock pictures:

Matthew Smith

Wesley Silcox

Buck Lunak

Taos Muncy

Jacob Tyner

And then of course, it's The Wild Ride, the most insane rodeo event anywhere:

Jesse Kruse

Alex Wright

JC DeSaveur

Merritt Smith

Mert Bradshaw

Thanks to everyone who made Jacq and I feel so welcome in Red Bluff. Special thanks to Round-Up committee president Dave Ramelli, Mike Dudley, and Tonya Redamonti, and Kris & Tim Lamkin for making sure I was in a position to get the pictures. I'm already counting down to 2013.

Some early clips in the form of an unprecedented run of four Sports Illustrated Photos of the Day in a row:

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Rylee McKenzie - Sports Illustrated's Photos of the Day for April 20, 2012

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Jesse Kruse - Sports Illustrated's Photos of the Day for April 22, 2012