Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks 1/31/12

It was good news, bad news, good news at The Tank on Tuesday night. A rare series of events allowed me to shoot all three periods from the ice, but my own choices of which positions to shoot from put me at the Sharks defensive end for the whole game. Not the smartest decision given that the Blue Jackets are the worst team in the NHL and the Sharks have been scoring at a pretty good clip. So the bad news was that I was at the wrong end for each of the Sharks goals in their 6-0 win. Shooting from the Sharks Head for the first period meant that I was in position to shoot the Sharks as they made their way from their locker room to the ice:

Pre-game walk

Sharks goalie Antti Niemi had 30 saves for the shutout:

Antti Niemi

Colton Gillies & Antti Niemi

I missed all of the goals, but I did manage to get Joe Pavelski's high fives from the Sharks bench after his second-period goal:

Joe Pavelski

It was a rough game, with lots of complaining by the Blue Jackets:

Derek Dorsett & Brad Watson

I've been using the fisheye when I've been shooting at the glass, and while not a high-percentage proposition, it can work out pretty well at times:

John McCarthy

Derek Dorsett & Brent Burns

So I missed all six goals, and remarkably the two fights that happened early in the game, and usually this would have me driving home mad. But the bad blood between the Sharks and Blue Jackets was seemingly limitless, and the third period featured one fight after another, all right in front of me. Here Dan Boyle goes to town on Derick Brassard:

Dan Boyle & Derick Brassard

Dan Boyle & Derick Brassard

After that fight, Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash had some words for Boyle who lost it again, and had to be held back by linesman Pierre Champoux:

Pierre Champoux, Dan Boyle & Rick Nash

With the game firmly in comedy territory, Sharks defenseman Colin White pounded on Blue Jackets right wing Derek Dorsett...

Colin White & Derek Dorsett

...and then had a laugh while being held down by an official:

Colin White

Another scrum happened as time wound down, a bit far into the corner for me to shoot through the hole, so I picked up the fisheye and shot the action on the ice and in the seats at the same time:

Corner fight

This will be the only post ever where I'm happy with the shoot having missed six goals and two fights. Count on that.