Colorado at Stanford 10/8/11

College football start times are largely dependent on TV, and with Heisman candidate Andrew Luck and a top 10 ranking, Stanford will have all of its games televised this year. Fortunately this doesn't mean all night games, and the 4:30 start vs Colorado promised a rare opportunity to play with some directional light and shadows. Before the game I was trying to figure out a way to get some interesting pictures of Stanford coming out of the tunnel, and on my way over there, I saw Luck himself warming up right by the sideline. I was only carrying one body, and that had my 16mm fisheye on it, so I got down on the ground and tried to make the best of it:

Andrew Luck

During warmups I shot the band and the Tree mascot:

Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band & the Stanford Tree

Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band

For this picture, I used the fisheye on the end of my monopod to shoot down on the players in the tunnel:

Stanford Football

Things were a bit different at the tunnel when Stanford was preparing to come out, teams of little league players were everywhere, so I walked up the tunnel a bit:

David Shaw

When the game started, I was almost exclusively looking for pictures where I could use the golden light. Unfortunately, the plays just didn't go to the light. So here are a couple of pictures that show what good pictures would have looked like if anything interesting had happened in the light:

Andrew Luck

Jon Major

When Colorado's opening drive stalled, they attempted a field goal. Non-game-winning field goals aren't interesting or worth very much (and this is a former kicker saying it) but every once in a while, a kick will get blocked, and that is interesting. SO I set up for the field goal, which was in fact blocked, but so was my view as someone on the sideline stepped a few feet over the yellow line between me and the play. I held it together for the rest of the play, and managed to get this picture of Stanford linebacker Max Bergen returning the blocked kick for a touchdown the other way:

Max Bergen

Steaming about missing the blocked kick, I was looking around for a security guard to tell the offending fan to stay behind the line, but then thought twice when I noticed that said fan was wearing obviously expensive clothes, and therefore was probably more important to the Stanford program that I am. And then the fan turned around and revealed himself to be...former Stanford star and two-time Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos John Elway.

John Elway

Elway was not the only famous Stanford alum on the sidelines. With the Fry's Open taking place in San Jose, Tiger Woods made the short drive to watch his Cardinal. And Woods managed to stay behind the yellow line:

Tiger Woods

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are or how hard you hustle, the plays just don't come at you. This was one of those games. I got pictures of all of the touchdowns, but this one of Stepfan Taylor is the best of a boring bunch:

Stepfan Taylor

Jeremy Stewart

Ryan Hewitt

Douglas Rippy & Griff Whalen

Colorado just couldn't get it going against Stanford's defense, their highlights mostly came on broken plays:

Tyler Hansen

Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Stanford's defense continued to play well and deliver big hits:

Rodney Stewart & Johnson Bademosi

Stepfan Taylor was largely contained, and was lucky to avoid a knee injury on this play:

Anthony Perkins & Stepfan Taylor

Stanford is away this week, but returns (with a 5pm start!) against Washington next week.