Your World Champion San Francisco Giants

World Series MVP Edgar Renteria warms up before a game with the San
Diego Padres.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Right at the beginning of this year's baseball season I moved to Oakland
and left the Giants behind in favor of the A's. OF COURSE the Giants won
the World Series. I still ended up shooting a bunch of Giants games when
the A's were out of town, and as a tribute to the rag tag champs, here are
some of my favorites.

Aaron Rowand started out the season in center field, but lost his starting
job to Andres Torres. Here he trots back to the dugout after getting
caught stealing second against the Braves on April 10th.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Torres fits right in with the Giants practical joking crew. A few of the Latin
players were listening to Pablo Sandoval tell a story in Spanish. I was
eavesdropping while I was shooting, but only really understood bits and
pieces because he was speaking really fast. Torres turned to me and told
me (in Spanish) that I better not repeat anything I heard.

© Matt Cohen 2010

The good thing about Torres playing every day is that he is always sliding,
whether for a catch in the outfield, or around the bases, his uniform is
grass-stained at all times.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Sandoval became a fan favorite in 2009, but gained far too much weight
to be effective in 2010. Still, he's always doing something, either joking
around in the dugout...
© Matt Cohen 2010

...or making up for his lack of speed with a diving tag. © Matt Cohen 2010

Sandoval's partner in crime, Juan Uribe at one point dyed his hair and
beard blonde, and ended up looking like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man. © Matt Cohen 2010

Uribe has game in the field, here getting ready to tag Coco Crisp of the A's. © Matt Cohen 2010

On a team full of odd ducks, Aubrey Huff gets my vote for the oddest.
You've heard about his red thong, but that's really only the beginning. Here
he's making fun of my Pirates hat.
© Matt Cohen 2010

© Matt Cohen 2010

One of the strangest baseball plays I've seen came at the end of a rundown
when Huff basically gave Jerry Hairston Jr a bear hug as he tagged him
out. Hairston was less than thrilled, and pushed Huff away.

© Matt Cohen 2010

Freddy Sanchez is easily my favorite Giant both for all of the athletic plays
he makes, and because he used to play for the Pirates. My best baseball
picture of the season is this one of Sanchez making a diving throw to first
after getting run into by a Padres player.
© Matt Cohen 2010

The Giants ended up on top due to their excellent pitching. Here's a slow
shutter panning picture of The Freak, Tim Lincecum. showing how violent
his delivery really is.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Jonathan Sanchez had a great season before losing his fastball and fading
against the Rangers.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Barry Zito had his ups and downs, and ended the season off the playoff
roster. I gained a lot of respect for Zito for the way he handled losing
his spot in the rotation, classy guy.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Brian Wilson's beard got a ton of attention, but he's plenty weird (and
ripped) without it.
© Matt Cohen 2010

The man behind it all, Giants manager Bruce Bochy, deserves a ton of
credit for getting absolutely everything out of this team.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 San Francisco Giants. Certainly not the most
talented team in the league, but they did play well when it counted and
earned their rings.