Wrangler National Finals Rodeo: Bull Riding

Not a bull riding picture, but a picture of a bull rider. 2007 world champion
Wesley Silcox carries the Utah state flag into the arena during the grand entry.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Bull riding is the most popular rodeo event in most of the country, but I prefer
bronc riding for the athletic horses. Still, I enjoy watching Silcox ride because it
always looks like he is glued to the bull. Silcox came into the finals in first, but
fell to second after J.W. Harris just owned the 10 days in Vegas.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Harris dominated, winning four go-rounds and placing second twice to cap his
third straight champion's buckle, a truly amazing feat.
© Matt Cohen 2010

© Matt Cohen 2010

© Matt Cohen 2010

I've shot Steve Woolsey several times, (both bull riding and saddle bronc - a
rarity these days) and I was hoping that he would have a better NFR than he
did. He got bucked just short of the buzzer a few times, and got stepped on in
the last go-round. Watching the Justin Sports Medicine Team put Woolsey on a
backboard and carry him out of the arena was a total nightmare. Word is that
he avoided serious injury and will be back riding again in the new year. Best
wishes to Steve for a quick recovery and a great 2011.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Cody Whitney rides Kid Twist for a score of 90.50 and second place in the third
© Matt Cohen 2010

Ardie Maier gets loose on Big Iron... © Matt Cohen 2010

...and pays the price. © Matt Cohen 2010

Dustin Elliott slips off the back of Full Throtle for a score of 85.00 and fifth place
in the third go-round.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Palm Springs sends Chad Denton to the dirt. © Matt Cohen 2010

Corey Navarre rides Dos Amigos... © Matt Cohen 2010

...and then gets bucked head first. © Matt Cohen 2010

Tyler Smith gets bucked off Insaniac. © Matt Cohen 2010

The bullfighters really earned their money in Vegas, I don't remember seeing as
many potentially disastrous situations diffused so quickly.

Cajun Monkey gets three for the price of one, driving rider Clayton Williams and
bullfighters Dusty Tuckness and Kenny Bergeron into the dirt.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Tuckness battles Ole' South Rebel. © Matt Cohen 2010

Bergeron steps between a fallen Dusty Tuckness and a raging Vitalix Hard Times.
I've never seen a more genuine look of fear than the one on Tuckness' face.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Bergeron takes a direct hit from King of Hearts. © Matt Cohen 2010

Darrell Diefenbach gets flipped over by Big Iron. © Matt Cohen 2010

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