St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers

49ers corner Nate Clements runs through pre-game drills. Clements has
long been my favorite 49ers because he plays with a chip on his shoulder
and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Also, other clichés.
© Matt Cohen 2010

As the season goes on, 1pm starts at Candlestick offer some interesting
light, and the option to shoot front or backlit as the game moves on.

Rams rookie quarterback Sam Bradford warms up his arm. © Matt Cohen 2010

Troy Smith has made the most out of his two starts, winning both and
adding a dynamic element to what had been a very boring 49ers offense.
Smith did it with his feet:
© Matt Cohen 2010

His arm: © Matt Cohen 2010

And even withstood some punishing hits: © Matt Cohen 2010

Frank Gore continued to punish opposing defenses, here breaking a
nice run down to the Rams' goal line.
© Matt Cohen 2010

It's always fun shooting Steven Jackson, especially when you consider
that at least one picture editor at SI has a dreadlock fetish. This one's
for you chief.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Rams receiver/kick returner Danny Amendola is also great to shoot
because he maxes out on every play, whether it's diving for a long pass:
© Matt Cohen 2010

Or jumping over players on punt returns: © Matt Cohen 2010

Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui bobbled but pulled in this pass with
an eye downfield.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Linebacker James Laurinaitis had five tackles and a sack, but here he
congratulates a teammate for well-played pass defense.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Laurinaitis however couldn't break up this pass to 49ers TE Vernon Davis,
and Davis then fought his way into the end zone with less than three
minutes remaining. But the play was called back on a holding call, negating
the touchdown, and the following series of pictures:
© Matt Cohen 2010

© Matt Cohen 2010

© Matt Cohen 2010

Troy Smith found Michael Crabtree for a touchdown a couple of plays
later. Here's Crabtree's celebration salute to the photographers on the
other side of the end zone:
© Matt Cohen 2010

Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo protests a bad pass interference call in
overtime. The call put the 49ers in field goal range.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Two plays later Joe Nedney kicked the game-winning field goal and was
mobbed by teammates.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Local media's coverage after the game was priceless. A 3-6 team, that is very lucky that they aren't 1-8, is STILL IN IT BABY!