Road Trip to Reno

Cal WR Marvin Jones pulls in a pass under pressure from Nevada
DB Thaddeus Brown.
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With Cal away at the University of Nevada for their third game of the
season, Kyle, Jason and I decided to head up to Reno to shoot the
game. Bay Area photographers are fairly spoiled in that we don't often
have to worry about things like WiFi at stadiums, enough light to shoot,
and enough room to work. But when we arrived at Mackay Stadium, we
quickly realized that all of these things were going to be a problem, with
the added bonus of having to shoot from behind advertising boards that
ran the length of the field...

Cal was heavily favored after blowing out their first two opponents, but
from the start they looked shaky on both sides of the ball.

Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick ran the "pistol" offense, basically a short
shotgun that allows the quarterback an option to run, pass, or hand off.
Cal just couldn't adjust to this, and Kaepernick's many keepers set up
his passing game nicely.
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Cal tailback Shane Vereen continued his run of good play, going for
198 yards and 3 TDs.
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Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz is always on the Cal sideline.
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Cal DB Marc Anthony managed to strip the ball from Nevada WR Rishard
Matthews, but Matthews recovered in the end zone for a backbreaking
© Matt Cohen 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Cal WR Marvin Jones made this great over-the-shoulder catch to set up
a Cal touchdown, but it wasn't enough.
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With the game out of reach, Nevada DBs Isaiah Frey and Khalid Wooten
blanket Cal WR Marvin Jones on a failed hail mary.
© Matt Cohen 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Some behind the scenes pictures of the Bay Area photographers who made
the trip.

Kelley L. Cox (Cal), Kyle Tereda (US Presswire) and me on the sideline after the game.

Me, Jason Watson (US Presswire), Lance Iverson (SF Chronicle) and
Kyle Tereda (US Presswire) in the press box after we were done transmitting.