Clippage: Sports Illustrated - Big Ten Preview Edition

Nikon D3 - Nikkor 400mm 2.8 - 1/1000 - f/5 - ISO 200

This picture of Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor is from the 2010 Rose Bowl
game between Ohio State and Oregon held at the legendary Rose Bowl in
Pasadena, CA on January 1, 2010. Last week it was published on p60-61 of
Sports Illustrated’s Big Ten Preview edition.

I took the assignment to shoot the Rose Bowl game when Cal, the team I covered
all season, was still in contention for the PAC-10 bid, but their inconsistent
play nixed that plan. Still, I was looking forward to the trip.

After hanging out with old friends on New Year's Eve, I made my way to the
stadium through some classic SoCal traffic only to get there and find out that I
was listed as a TV producer on the media list. And while this would have been
a plus had I been there to pick up wannabe actresses, TV producers don't get
photo vests. So I spent the next 30 minutes trying to explain that the 40 pounds
of photo gear on my back wasn't for show, and finally made it to the photo room
to set up. My seat was directly across from the Sports Illustrated table, and I
remember thinking to myself that since they had three staffers there, I would
have no shot at getting any of my pictures into SI. Awesome!

But rather than mope in the photo room, I hit the stands in search of psycho fans.

Jon "Big Nut" Peters holds up an actual buckeye.
© Matt Cohen 2010

I'm pretty sure these two didn't even make it to kickoff.
© Matt Cohen 2010

I think Oregon lost because they had less enthusiastic fans.
© Matt Cohen 2010

And then there's Lee Corso working the phones.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Usually when football games start, extraneous people are cleared from the
sidelines, but at the Rose Bowl, I swear more people appeared after kickoff.
The sidelines were coated, three-deep at certain points. They did have a line
for people shooting from the knees in front of the line for people standing,
but it was still an unholy mess.

I had a pretty good game nonetheless. Some action pictures:

Ohio State SO QB Terrelle Pryor (2) falls after being knocked down by the
Oregon defensive front.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Oregon JR QB Jeremiah Masoli (8) holds the ball over the goal line for a third
quarter touchdown despite the best efforts of Ohio State JR LB Brian Rolle (36).
I shot a ton of pictures of Masoli as he was set to be a Heisman frontrunner this
year, but his season-long suspension after getting caught stealing laptops and
other gear from an Oregon fraternity house derailed any potential sales of those
© Matt Cohen 2010

Ohio State JR RB Brandon Saine (3) pulls in a long pass over his shoulder.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Oregon FR RB LaMichael James (21) is brought down just short of the goal line by
Ohio State SR DB Kurt Coleman (4).
© Matt Cohen 2010

After the game there was a bit of controversy due to a few photographers
running out onto the field early to catch the obligatory Gatorade shower given to
Buckeye coach Jim Tressel. I decided to skip that ritual in favor of staking out
the post-game ESPN interview. Somehow I made it across the field to the exact
spot where the camera was set up. Fighting the stadium lights and the TV lights
was tricky, but I was happy with this one due to the LED panel reflections in
Tressel's glasses:

ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters interviews Ohio State head coach Jim Tressell.
© Matt Cohen 2010

Ohio State players celebrate after their Rose Bowl win over Oregon.
© Matt Cohen 2010

I got some decent placements out of the game, but continued to think that none
would ever run in SI. So it was a pretty big surprise when my sister - recently
transplanted to Big Ten country - found this one for me. Nice to know that
they could have run any number of their own pictures but instead bought this

© Matt Cohen 2010