Cal vs Arizona/Arizona State

Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez lets go of the ball after drawing a foul against Arizona
© Matt Cohen 2011

The Arizona schools visited Cal this week, both sporting head coaches from...
Pittsburgh, PA. 412 Represent!

Cal guard Alan Crabbe takes the court before the Arizona State game. © Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona State guard Trent Lockett shoots around Cal center Markhuri Sanders-Frison. © Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona State guard Keala King pulls up for a shot over Cal guard Allen Crabbe. © Matt Cohen 2011

Cal center Markhuri Sanders-Frison reaches for the slam... © Matt Cohen 2011

...and battles for a rebound with Arizona State forward Kyle Cain. © Matt Cohen 2011

Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez drives to the hoop and draws a foul from Arizona State
guard Rihards Kuksiks.
© Matt Cohen 2011

Cal guard Brandon Smith races Arizona State guard Carrick Felix to the hoop. © Matt Cohen 2011

© Matt Cohen 2011

© Matt Cohen 2011

Felix had the last laugh, swatting Smith's shot against the glass and away from
the hoop. Unfortunately, he got just a little too close to the camera and out of
the zone where I was focusing.
© Matt Cohen 2011

After going up big, then down, Cal pulled out a 66-62 win.

After beating Arizona State, Arizona was next up for Cal. A 5pm start meant
that I needed to be at Haas by 1pm to set up and test my remotes. A triple
overtime game won by Arizona 107-105 meant that I didn't leave until 9pm,
altogether way too much time to invest in a regular season basketball game.

Arizona guard Lamont Jones loses the ball after running into Cal center Markhuri
Sanders-Frison and guard Jorge Gutierrez.
© Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona Wildcats forward Derrick Williams (23) dunks during the NCAA basketball
game between the Arizona Wildcats and the California Golden Bears at Haas
Pavilion. Arizona survived three overtimes to beat Cal 107-105.
© Matt Cohen 2011

Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez drives for a layup. © Matt Cohen 2011

Cal center Markhuri Sanders-Frison celebrates after scoring and drawing a foul. © Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona forward Solomon Hill drives for the basket. © Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona guard Kevin Parrom puts up a shot. © Matt Cohen 2011

Cal head coach Mike Montgomery argues a call... © Matt Cohen 2011

...and then does the twist? © Matt Cohen 2011

Sean Miller was a freshman at Pitt when I was a freshman in high school. Miller's
Pitt teams with Charles Smith, Jerome Lane, Demetrius Gore, Jason Matthers,
Bobby Martin, and Darelle Porter were a whole lot of fun to watch, especially this
Miller pass to Lane who shattered the backboard with a monster dunk.
Miller was the calm point guard, but he's grown into a fiery coach. Here Miller
argues a call, not as well as Montgomery, but he's still young.
© Matt Cohen 2011

Cal forward Richard Solomon beats Arizona forward Jamelle Horne to a rebound. © Matt Cohen 2011

Arizona forward Jamelle Horne tries to get over a block from Cal forward Richard
Solomon. No ball in the frame, but Solomon's expression makes it a picture,
I think.
© Matt Cohen 2011

File under: something you don't see every day: An actual credentialed photographer, sitting two spots away from me on the
baseline, checking and applying makeup during a time out. Sorry to pull your
card, hun, but better you learn now than when you get caught doing it on TV.